The Bundle & Me: More Milk Cookie Mix contains natural ingredients that may increase milk supply naturally. Our cookie mix well help provide the energy that breastfeeding Mummas require without any hidden nasties. Our mixture is designed to enable busy Mums to store in the pantry and conveniently use when needed. Milk Machine Cookies will leave you feeling satisfied and best of all are made without any hidden preservatives or additives. Dairy free flavour is also available 
Our cookies contain brewers yeast, flaxseed and oats. Traditionally these ingredients have been used to increase Mum’s milk supply for many generations.
Makes 20 cookies.Our Customers Love our Milk Machine Cookies giving them 5 star ratings:
Pippa WA: I’ve been I’m my breastfeeding journey now for 6 weeks. I wasn’t successful with my first born, but with my second baby I’m managing very well. I’ve had a lot of support from both Medical Practitioners & Lactation Consultants. I really feel your cookie mix has helped increase my supply along with other things including breastfeeding my baby on demand. I also received BF from Bundle and Me Lactation Consultants which was extremely helpful. Love that your company also provides BF support to help tired Mummy’s like me..

Milk Machine Cookies

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  • Bundle and Me More Milk Cookie Mixes are full of natural ingredients including brewers yeast, flaxseed and oats. Historically these ingredients have been used to increase milk supply. By combining these ingredients as well as ensuring sufficient drainage of breast milk through breastfeeding and/or expressing you may be able to increase your milk supply naturally!


    Makes 20 cookies